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Fan Art: - 1 new added 8/12/08 (scroll to the end)

This pic and the next were sent to me by Dave Piper, an incredible artist (IMHO) who can really capture Patty's sexy attitude. The first drawing he sent me was this one, of Patty sitting on the floor in the black shirt and jeans from back cover of the self titled album. (Originally posted here as pic #10)
After I replied to Dave, he sent me this. This is a VERY cute Holiday style pic. It's obviously an edit of the Sony promo pic, #51 above, but it's such a cute idea that I don't mind that at all. Besides, Dave told me the original pic was drawn on an index card, so it was obviously drawn freehand...
Okay, time for me to get into the act. I'd been toying with the idea of starting a Fan Art section, so I could post this, when Dave contacted me. This pic was taken from an ad (I later found out it was on the "Downtown Train" single) in a borrowed magazine. Since I couldn't keep it, I did a quick tracing of Patty's face.
After I added the fan art section, I got a couple of posts from folks who wanted share their own art with me. This picture is by Kevin Ray. He was a little... um... generous (<G>) but I like the way he drew her face.
Angela Shelton is a great girl who has been part of this fan club for a long time. She set up the Yahoo Club for Patty just recently. She also sent me a whole lot of pics. Most of them are (I'm sorry about this, Angela) not quite up to the standard I wanted for this section, but I do like this one.
The incredible Dave Piper is back, with his version of the Spin magazine "sunset" pic, #20. Patty's eyes just seem to leap right off the page at you. And since my original was a pretty grainy copy which came to me second hand, I like this better.
This isn't Patty, but Dave Piper's sort of "alter ego", a girl named Suzie. Dave says she's not based on Patty, but I think there's a resemblance. <G> At any rate, Patty or not, this pic so completely captures a moment from "No Mistakes", with all of its emotion, that I just had to post it.
Somehow, I misplaced this picture. I found it when I was posting the next one. This is quite obviously Dave Piper's artwork. It's one of the pics from the self-titled album, although I think the original was black and white. I like the look on Patty's face in this one, and I think Dave really captured her... ahem... muscle tone. Aw heck, she just looks nice...
A fellow named Tony Tuthill sent me this picture. He was inspired by the VH1 Bands Reunited special, and drew this somewhat stylized pic of Patty and the rest of the band. I like this pic, it's not as realistic as Dave Piper's style, but Tony has certainly captured Scandal. Tony may send me more artwork, if he does I'll certainly post it here.
Like PATTY77.gif, this is my own artwork. This is a drawing I did of Patty years ago, even before the one I had posted earlier. However, the little flaws with the picture just wore at me until one day I threw it away. I have regretted it ever since. When Patty started touring again in 2005, I began to try to recreate the original. Finally, when I got to see her in New Jersey, I finished the picture, and gave the original copy to her. This is a scan of the pic, and one reason it's taken so long to post it here is I took forever to clean it up and get it the way I wanted it.
Here's Patty captured at a movie premiere in New York recently. I actually have a couple of pictures, courtesy of Tony Damo, Jr, a press photographer in NYC. For now, though, I'm only going to post one of the set. (I have to save something for later...)
I had to add this one to the page. It's from the same press package as #19, and is simply STUNNING. It's a close up, of Patty giving the camera that sort of sideways glance that she is so terribly good at. Plus, her shoulders are bare, and as I've said before, that woman has gorgeous shoulders...
I posted the cover to the new "We Are The 80's" CD on the album page. This is the backside of that same sleeve. It is obviously from the same shoot, but Patty is giving the camera a really sexy look. She must have broken out laughing right afterwards, which led to the shot on the cover.
The moment I saw this pic, I knew I had to post it on the web page. (Not to mention set it as my desktop) It probably belongs in the black and white section, but I don't care. This is a beautiful pic, with Patty staring off wistfully into space, about to start singing. The dress and hairstyle look to be from the "Love's Got A Line On You" video.
With all these pics of Patty in her 20's, I had to have at least one of her as she is today. I'm not sure if this is current or from the 1993 album, but I guess that lets you know how good she looks. ;) It was taken from the We Are The 80's tour program, which I picked up at the concert. It's a bit small, but any bigger and the grain of the printing would have shown up.
Concert pictures:

Although these pics are supposed to be in chronological order, many are from concerts back in the 90's or even earlier. So it's probably closer to the truth to say that they are in the order they were sent to me.

The first concert pic sent to me back during the Bands Reunited tour, I've been holding on to it, probably for too long. This was apparently taken 9/11/1998, however, so it must be from a tour to support the Greatest Hits album. I must have missed this one, but it looks like a local club, so it may not have been advertised.
The first of the pics I took personally, this was from Patty's Bands Reunited show in New Jersey, in 2005. Although the picture is a little blurry, I was close enough to get a fairly good pic of her.
One of two pics from the Dallas show from the VH1 tour. I wasn't nearly as close to the stage this time, and the pic really shows the limitations of my camera. I got a whole lot of pics this time (I only took the one in 2005) but most of them were blurry.
The only other usable pic I took at the Dallas show. I actually have a whole bunch of other pictures I took with a film camera, but they will need some serious image processing, as the film was really old. If I can get them cleaned up, I'll post them here.
These three pics were sent to me by Patrick Renau. He took these pictures in 1983, so Patty looks really young in them. The first is of Patty in a gold jacket that I have seen before. (It's from the back cover of the Beat Of A Heart single, which I have posted here)
The second of the Pat Renau pics, this one is a closeup of Patty and Kieth Mack.
Patty and Kieth Mack again, except Patty has taken off the jacket and is just wearing a sleeveless black top. Or maybe this is from another concert. These pics are a bit small, but I really like this one.
Black and White pictures:
A FANTASTIC black and white promo picture provided for me by Sony Music. (Thanks Randy) It shows Patty leaning against the hood of her GTO, with that fabulously sexy grin on her face.
A photo sent to me by Zack Smith. I really can't say anything other than I really like her outfit. And she sure looks young. <G>
To be fair, here is the other photo sent to me by Zack. This is of both Zack and Patty.
There were some cool promo photos released by Colombia for the first Scandal EP. This one is a standard, I've seen it just about everywhere. It also happens to be on the back cover of the EP.
A VERY nice close up of Patty and Zack. This is one of my favorite pictures, and not just because I'd like to be where Zack is...
Another promo pic. Patty and Zack sitting on some kind of bench. It looks similar to pic #17, from the color section. It turns out that a black and white version of that pic was ALSO released in this set.
Angela Shelton sent me this pic, which she scanned from the Greatest Hits album. I like it, too, it's one of the small pics of Patty, wearing a Harley Davidson T-Shirt.
I just LOVE this pic!!! I scanned it from the Greatest Hits album when it first came out, but at the time I didn't have a black and white pic section. There've been lots of pics of Patty with this dreamy, wistful expression, but this is just the sexiest of them all...

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