Pictures of Patty Smyth

A photograph taken of her in concert. (Though not by me) She is wearing a red dress, and grinning. Her hair is short, so it is probably from her Scandal days.
From the cover of a retrospective CBS records put out. She is wearing the tight black dress she wears in the "Hands Tied" video. Full length, showing lots of leg.
This pic is from the back cover of "Look What Love Has Done." It's a nice close up of Patty's face and part of her chest.
A beautiful (and sexy) close up, from the last Patty Smyth album. Patty is looking into the camera, with one arm held across her body.
The sleeve for the "Downtown Train" single. Face and upper body shot, wearing a green jacket, and a black, lacy blouse.
Front of the "Beat Of A Heart" single sleeve. Lying on satin sheets, in the black "Hands Tied" dress, resting her chin in her hands. Deep tan.
Back of "Beat Of A Heart" sleeve. Full length to her knees. Patty wears a gold jacket and pants, and is standing with her hands in her pockets.
From an Only Music magazine article. She is smiling, and holding a black hat down over her ears, with both hands. Shot ends just under her wrists.
From the last self-titled album. Full length shot of Patty sitting on the floor, in jeans and a low cut black blouse. She has a very sexy look on her face.
Front cover of the "Love's Got A Line On You" single sleeve. (There ya go, Bill!) Patty is wearing the blue dress seen in the video for this song, a very nice off the shoulder look.
The back cover of "Love's Got A Line On You." Patty is leaning against Zack Smith. Does that woman have gorgeous shoulders, or what?
Finally I've got the picture from the poster on here. Actually, this was scanned from the single sleeve for "Hands Tied", but this is the pic that was used on the only commertially available poster I know of with Patty in it, and on the picture disk as well. Until I can offer either for sale on this Web Page, you can at least take a look at it here.
This is the picture from the back of the "Hands Tied" single, and the picture disk. It's a nice close up of Patty's face.
The front cover of "Win Some, Lose Some." This is a very nice close up of Patty's face and neck, in the blue dress from the "Love's Got A Line On You" video. The original picture was a bit grainy, so I think scanning it actually improved its quality!
A band shot of the first incarnation of Scandal, from the back cover of the single "Win Some, Lose Some." I thought it was time I put some pics of the band on here. I mean, you guys might think I was obsessed with Patty Smyth, or something! <wink>
A variation on the "Hands Tied" single picture, that appeared on the cover of Cashbox magazine. Unlike the single sleeve, and like the poster, it's full length, all the way to Patty's hips.
A picture of Zack and Patty from a rock magazine taken at about the time of the first EP. Patty looks very young and VERY sexy. (Unfortunately, I can't identify the magazine, but I believe this was a promo pic)
A close up of Patty from the pic above. Okay, I admit it, I'm obsessed, okay! Deal with it!
This picture is just too sexy. The same black outfit from the "Hands Tied" sleeve, falling off her shoulder, with Patty on her knees. (!) And her hair's down, too...
An absolutely gorgeous pic of Patty at the beach, silhoetted against a sunset. One of the fellows on the list found this, in Spin magazine. I think I have a new favorite picture...
Here's another band pic, this one from the Japanese release of "Love's Got A Line On You". As the writing on the sleeve was in Japanese, I clipped off the border, to allow more room for the pic.
This is an interesting picture from about the time of the Never Enough album. Patty's sitting on/next to a miniature pool table, with a cue stick in her hand. REALLY cute...
Sony sent me this nice promotional picture, of Patty sitting in a GTO, but it had a scratch across her face. Fortunately, it's the same picture from the back of her album, but there most of the pic is covered by writing. So I pasted the two together.
Patty being sexy again. <G> This is a nice close up of her face, and a bit of her shoulders, against a green background. This pic can only be found on the CD copy of the album, BTW.
Hmmmmmm... well, as long as Patty isn't embarassed about this pic, I'm sure not gonna be. But I wouldn't use it as a backdrop on your computer at work. <G>
The beautiful picture of Patty from the "I Should Be Laughing" single. I bought the single back in 1993 on cassette, but could never make the scan come out right. Fortunately, I recently found this copy on CD.
Apparently, another outtake from the "Hands Tied" poster shoot. This variation is from a songbook for "The Warrior". A good deal of the songbook was covered by writing, which is why the first half of the word "Scandal" appears on this scan. It's a good close up, however, and I LOVE the look on her face.
An intense Patty singing, from a trading card released about the time of the Warrior album. I've seen this picture on the cover of Song Hits magazine, too. I've actually had this scan for some time, one of the fans sent it to me.
A sexy shot of Patty from Creem magazine. They've done a lot more articles on Patty than Rolling Stone ever did, for which they have my respect. And Rolling Stone does not.
I found these buttons on sale on eBay. They are MUCH smaller than they appear here. But the pictures are VERY cute. (So I can't resist adding them to the page)

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