The Patty Smyth discography:


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There have been two releases of Scandal song collections, one a picture disk, and the other a retrospective. Clicking on the title of either will take you to a listing of the songs on each.

Singles (Not available on her albums):

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Patty sings backup on:

Patty also appears on "In Their Own Words, Volume 2", a collection of interviews with various artists. She performs "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" with Glen Burtnick on acoustic guitar, and also talks about the making of the song. This album can be found around the net, including at CDNow. Go to my links page, and from CDNow's "Patty Smyth" card, select from the Compilations menu.

Videos by Patty Smyth:

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A video was released for "Look What Love Has Done", but Patty was not in it. Patty does appear in the video for Dion's "The Night Stood Still".

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