Tavern Tales Of Phantasia


As I mention on the Credits Page, this site is named after the Phantasia BBS, which I frequented in the 90's. While I was posting on Phantasia, a number of interesting little stories were told. I recorded most of them, and then re-wrote them in the style of fan fiction. Most of these works are not written by me, but by folks I've lost track of. I'm hoping that this will inspire some of them to track me down again. (And hopefully not to say they don't want me posting their stories. <G>)

BTW, it's likely that most of this won't make sense if you don't know the characters. I wish I could capture more of the spirit of the Golden Unicorn Tavern, but I'm afraid that these stories will just have to do.

Amilynn's Entrance

The most dramatic event ever to occur in the GUT, this was actually the result of a thread that went out of control. WARNING: There is a reference to lesbianism in this story, nothing explicit, but if the subject offends you, please do not read it.

Descent Into Darkness

The GUT gets abducted to Ravenloft.

A New Challenge

Aftermath of the Ravenloft tale. The last part of the story is oddly prophetic, given that at the time I had no idea the Web would someday shut the BBS communities down.

Esmeralda's Story

A very cool story from one of the more prolific writers in the Tavern.


All authors responsible for the Tavern Tales are credited in their respective stories. Please do not distribute these stories without their permission. Guardians of Atlantis is Copyright 2000, by Richard Ryley. For comments and suggestions, please send me an email, at ryley@phan.org.