Miscellaneous Tales


This category is a catch-all for serials that I may run that are not part of a regular series. It is also a place for me to put those stories that I have written in the past that do not belong to any of the series. Right now, only one story is in this category, and that is my "Werewolf tale".

This story may turn into a series one day. There is also a previous story to this one, which I never finished, but which would be about the length of a novel. At the moment, though, I'm having trouble resolving some problems with the basic concept behind this story.

Also, as this story has not been broken up into chapters, it may take considerable time to load. You may wish to download the link instead of clicking on it.

The Nature Of The Beast

The two pictures linked to by the links to the right are both of werewolf characters. The first is Sandra, from the story itself. The second is of singer Patty Smyth as a werewolf. I wanted to know if one of my werewolves would still be recognizable, so I drew a picture of her.


All characters and events depicted in the stories linked to by this page (including the unique qualities of my "werewolves") are copyright 2000, by Richard Ryley. For comments and suggestions, please send me an email, at ryley@phan.org.