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I have decided to move all of my fanfiction to This is an excellent repository of fanfiction by many folks, and even includes tips on writing. It's an excellent site, and I definately recommend checking it out. They're a sponsored site, so clicking on the link may cause some popup ads to appear.

For those who may not know the series which I've written fanfiction for, I've provided an overview below. Note that occasionally changes their links. If the links on this page are broken, try the main link above, or go to directly and search for my name.

Ranma 1/2

An absolutely hilarious Anime centering around a young boy who, due to a curse, turns into a girl when he's hit with cold water. It's a comedy of errors in which nothing ever goes right. Written by the same author responsible for "InuYasha", and shares a lot of its romance and action.

The main story in this section, "The Saotome Sisters", has turned out to be the longest story I have ever written, either fanfiction or original. At this time it is unfinished, and about halfway to its conclusion. I am continuing to work on it, at about a week per chapter.

  • "The Saotome Sisters" - Rather than being abandoned at six years old, Ukyo stays with Ranma and grows up with him as a sister. Now when Ranma meets Akane, Ukyo is there to smooth over the rough edges of their relationship and help them understand each other. Although it starts off almost word for word identical to the original, with only minor changes to account for Ranma's "sister", over time this story diverges further and further, bringing Ranma and Akane closer together while throwing new challenges and obstacles between them.
  • "A Little Different" - This is one of the first fanfictions I ever wrote. It retells the story of the first episode of Ranma 1/2, but with one minor change. Akane knocks instead of walking in on Ranma in the bath, allowing them both to preserve their modesty and not get so defensive. It's been accused of "destroying the central conflict of the series", but it was my intention to explore the motivations and inner feelings of the characters, not to change the story. Now with a second "vignette" based on the Ryoga arc.
  • "Genma Tells His Daughter", "After the Awakening", and "Silent Steel" - Three short stories based on other fanfics written by other authors, that I found myself writing after reading the originals. I posted them mainly because a fellow fan was asking me about fanfics centering around female Ranma, and I thought he might like them.
Monster Rancher

I'm a big fan of this Playstation game, and the TV show that it spawned. I have donated both fanfiction and some pictures to the message board run by

As with "The Saotome Sisters", the main story here, "The Experiment" is a multipart story that runs about 14 chapters. It is one of the few Monster Rancher fanfictions which is not actually based on the characters created for the Monster Rancher cartoon. It is based on the game, so the characters are all my creation.

  • "The Experiment" - This story explores some of the more unsettling ramifications of genetically engineering "monsters" for our entertainment. It is told from the point of view of a Gray Wolf, one of the monsters, but it is actually about a Pixie that he befriends.
  • "Dreams" - A short story about Pixie, the character from the TV show. Although initially evil, the beatiful Pixie turns out to be a tragic figure with a dark past, who ends up helping Genki, the little boy who is the hero of the series.
  • "Go Into The Light" - A second short story about Pixie, this one dark and emotional. You need to have seen the last episode of the series.
  • "Match Game Monster Rancher" - A silly parody crossing Monster Rancher with the 70s TV series Match Game. Probably a lot funnier if you have seen both shows.
  • Picture - Sandy, the Pixie/Henger from "The Experiment".
  • Picture - "Just Acting", my entry in a contest in which I was asked to draw myself with my favorite monster from the TV Show...
  • Picture - Three preliminary sketches of Pixie, done to prepare for the pic above.
  • Picture - "At The Beach". Holly comes from a medieval world, so she would never have worn a bikini before...
  • Picture - "Monster Rancher Extreme Beach Volleyball". The infamous cheesecake game "Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball" is made by Tecmo, the same company that makes MR. Thus, I speculated about a crossover, and Holly seems a little concerned about it. The girl next to her is Ferelia, the trainer from MR4, where she's depicted as a bit mischievous...
  • Picture - "Lord of the Rings". I had planned to do a whole series of scenes, taken from a crossover fanfic written by one of the other writers on the MR board. I only finished one, however, this scene with Genki and Holly standing in for Aragorn and Arwen.
Sailor Moon

This Anime from the 1990s became extremely popular, and is one of the most well-known in America. It is the story of Serena, a teenaged girl who discovers that she is the superhero Sailor Moon. With her other friends the Sailor Scouts, who have the powers of the other planets, she fights against demons from a dark universe that are trying to take over Earth. Serena is a reluctant hero, however, and a large portion of the story is about her overcoming her own insecurity and clumsiness, and coming to terms with her responsibility.

The main story in this section, "On the Edge of Yesterday" came from an RPG which I was a player in. The first half of the fanfic was written by the gamemaster, Daniel Harrison. He asked me to write the second half, and I agreed. The first four chapters are Daniel's, although I edited the first chapter a bit to make it more like my style. Like "Experiment" and "The Saotome Sisters" this is a multipart story.

  • "On The Edge Of Yesterday" - This is a very convoluted plot involving time travel, World War II, ancient Japan, and the Civil War. The main thrust of the story, however, are the characterizations. As the situation becomes more and more desperate, all of the Scouts find themselves facing a personal crisis. Even the cats play a primary role in the story.
  • "Revelation" - A short dialog meant to provide a little closure to the series, after it was dropped halfway through the Dark Moon story. Cartoon Network later picked it up, making this irrelevant, although my version of Serena telling Darian she didn't care about the warning of the dream is very similar to what actually happened.
Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

This series, which was a cartoon in the 80s, has been described as a western set in space. Or a space opera with sixguns and horses. The Galaxy Rangers were a team of four heroes, each of which had a special power activated when they touched their badge. Although from the same decade as He-Man and Thundercats, Galaxy Rangers was a bit more adult, with complex story lines, a memorable collection of villains, and a strong female character as one of the four leads.

  • "Time Bomb" - Based on a play-by-Email RPG I ran. Doc and Gooseman are joined by Buzzwang and Daisy O'Mega, as they discover a disturbing secret about the Rangers' powers. Like "The Experiment" and "The Saotome Sisters", this is a multi-chapter story.
  • Picture - "KOS-MOS". This is a long story, but it basically grew out of a conversation on the Galaxy Rangers mailing list. I have turned Niko, the long haired psychic from the Galaxy Rangers team, into KOS-MOS, from Xenosaga. I will spare you the other pictures in the series, as they didn't come out this well.
Sonic The Hedgehog

Surely everyone knows Sega's blue video game mascot. I don't really like the hedgehog that much, though, I like his sidekick "Tails" Prower, a two-tailed fox, so I decided to write a story in which he gets the girl in the end.

  • "Growing Up" - Tails has spent years fighting Robotnik, living in Sonic's shadow, and hiding his feelings for Sally, Sonic's girlfriend. When he and Sally get caught in a Robotnik trap, it's up to Tails to save them both.


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