Alan Midnight, Matrix Investigator


The year is 2276. Twenty-third century America is a cyberpunk wasteland, run by multi-national mega-conglomerates, and a technocracy centered around a virtual reality universe based on the old Internet. In this environment, free-lance investigators are the only law, the only people who can root out the crime in the vast anarchy known as the Matrix.

Alan Midnight is just such an investigator. A hard-boiled detective, in the tradition of Sam Spade and Mike Hammer, he is as much at home in the neon data streams and glowing information nodes of the Matrix, as he is in the sprawling mega-cities of Realspace.

Episode One:
The Jamison Door

This episode introduces Alan Midnight, in a mystery more than slightly reminiscent of "The Maltese Falcon". Alan has found a mysterious computer disk, and must uncover its secrets before it is too late.

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The Jamison Door:

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