Links to Scandal's Band Members:

Patty Smyth And Scandal
Also linked on the index page, Patty Smyth and Scandal's official page.
Scandal's MySpace Page
MySpace doesn't get as much traffic as Facebook these days, but it was the first site where she was making posts herself.
Scandal's Facebook Page
Patty doesn't post here, but there is a LOT by Scandal's fans, including some great pictures.
Keith Mack's Web Site
For those who don't know, Keith and Zack Smith were Scandal's original guitarists. Although Zack is busy with other things, Keith still tours with Scandal.

Related Sites:

Paradise Artists
Paradise Artists is Patty's current booking agency. On her web site, she lists a couple of contacts, and gives phone numbers as well as an email link. I suggest going to her site for those who wish to contact Patty.
Sony Music
Sony Music, current owners of Columbia's record library and producers of the 1998 Greatest Hits album. Patty has mentioned she is working on a new album, but I don't know what label it is with.
The 80s Server
The most active voice in favor of the music of the eighties here on the Internet, the 80s Server has honored me with Site of the Day awards on a number of occasions.
You won't see Patty and Scandal on either MTV or VH-1 these days, but you're more likely to find Patty here...

Looking for Patty Smyth albums? Try the following links:

New albums:
Here are direct links to the pages for Patty Smyth and Scandal. Be warned, the latter link mixes Scandal with a Japanese girl band that has apparently taken the same name. Here's links to Warrior and The Very Best Of Scandal, the only two albums that AREN'T found on the Patty Smyth page.
AOL Music
Back in the day I linked to this because they provided MP3 downloads of the songs via iTunes. Nowadays does this, as does everyone else, so it's not really needed. Will I update the link to go directly to iTunes? Probably not. :)

Used albums/memorabilia:

Vinyl Vendors
Now called Music Obsession, even though they've kept the same domain name. These guys are where I started looking for Patty records, years ago. They've got a lot of Patty and Scandal stuff. Search for either "Smyth" or "Smyth, Patty/scandal".
California Albums.
Several singles, including 12" versions of Beat Of A Heart, Win Some Lose Some, and Never Enough. (No, that's not the album) Look under "Female Artists".

More Links...

Well, it wouldn't be fair not to include links to some other lovely lady artists, now would it?

I keep having to search out new sites for her. Fortunately, this seems to be her official site. Go here to see some pics of my #2 favorite songstress.
A page dedicated to another lovely brown-eyed girl, Sharleen Spiteri, of the Scottish band Texas. There are plenty of links there to other Texas pages.
Heart Music
Heartmonger's Corner seems to be back up, under a new name.
Pat Benatar
Patty has said she hates being compared to Pat Benatar. So don't. ;)
Really Deep Thoughts
The Official Tori Amos Fanzine. Tori's the only good thing to come out of the 90's ;) and besides, the folks there were really nice to me when they found out I'd linked to 'em...

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